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The Auction process provides you with a high profile marketing campaign culminating in a public auction on a pre determined date where interested parties bid for the right to purchase your property. The objective is to maintain the best possible price, in the least possible time, with the least amount of concern for you. Your property is marketed without a price prior to Auction.


A Tender is similar in most respects to an Auction, but instead of purchasers bidding for your property they submit sealed offers (Tenders) which are opened on a pre-determined date. This method is very private and confidential as no one else knows the amount of the Tenders. Offers may be conditional and you have the right to reject or accept any offer. Your property is marketed without a price prior to Tender date.


It is essential that someone takes responsibility for the marketing of your property to achieve the result you want. Our tailor-made EXCLUSIVE MARKETING PROGRAMME offers you this opportunity. 


In order to test the market your property can be offered for sale without a price.

Purchaser responses will be conveyed to you in order to establish a true market value for your property, thus minimizing the risk of underselling. Alternatively, we will provide you with a market analysis to establish a price range for your property so you can select an appropriate price at which to market your property.


A general listing is where your property is listed with more than one agency and therefore no-one takes the responsibility for the marketing. Minimal advertising and feedback is offered if any and there is a possibility of underselling.


You may wish to consider selling your property yourself, however surveys indicate that unless you are experienced in marketing and negotiating you run the risk of underselling not to mention the stress and security risks involved.
selling information

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