Wellington City Weather

Click on the link at the botttom of the page which will take you direct to the Met Service where you can check out the latest weather conditions and forecast for the Capital City.

MetService provides weather and information presentation services to customers around the world from its base in New Zealand. It has particular expertise in supporting the media, aviation, and energy industries, and in national meteorological service operation.

Customers appreciate our services because they are based on combining professional meteorological judgement, technologically advanced processes, 24 by 7 quality management, and innovation in addressing their requirements. The company employs 180 staff, and headquarters are in Wellington.

Metra is the name for our international media, aviation and energy business. This is separate from our provision of meteorological services within New Zealand, where we produce and issue forecasts and official weather warnings on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, and are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The company has been in existence since 1992, when it was established as a State Owned Enterprise. The annual report provides a record of recent market and technological developments, along with strong financial results.

MetService gathers, analyses and provides weather information for the public of New Zealand, and for a wide range of domestic and foreign commercial customers.


Come and discover this incredible city, the capital of New Zealand.

Here you will find everything you need to enjoy your stay. From accommodation, restaurants and shops to sights and activities, transport and maps – this is the complete guide to Wellington.


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