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Why use Collective First

The Collective First National property management do nothing but manage rental properties. We can help you enjoy maximum returns on your investment, and keep your weekends free for family and fun.

Not only that, we also remove the stress of managing your own property. Things like interviewing potential tenants, collecting rent (and chasing arrears), regular inspections, managing paperwork, ensuring your property complies with the latest legislation, interpreting how the new regulations affect you, disputes resolution, and a host of other time consuming chores.

With our property managers, you're more likely to receive better rental rates, see rents raised in line with the market, and enjoy higher occupancy levels.

If you already use a property manager, you might want to consider switching to us in this area. Switching is easy - we take care of all the paperwork and also notify tenants.

What are the benefits of using a Collective First National property manager?

Our Property Managers Hold a Wealth of Knowledge

Our property managers have extensive experience dealing with the different kinds of issues that can arise in rentals and are up-to-date and informed on complex legislative changes regarding rental properties. Our property managers either have their certification in property management, or are working towards this qualification and receive on-going industry training. We ensure through our systems and procedures that your property will comply with current legislation.

Our Property Managers Save you Time

Time is money, and managing a rental property takes time. Regular communication with tenants, keeping track of rental payments, performing regular, thorough inspections, finding tenants and carrying out extensive reference checks, maintaining thorough records, arranging for repairs and maintenance and keeping financial records can all be time-consuming. Our property managers take responsibility to not only manage a rental property well but to suggest and implement change that will improve the financial health of your investment.

WE Work for YOU

We are YOUR property management team! We work for you and what is in the best interests of you, your investment and your future.

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